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ORCA Group Northwest is a small carpet cleaning business that successfully takes on big jobs. In fact, it is decisively Owner Operated. Starting in the Spring of 2016 Josh McKeown began building ORCA Group NW from the ground up. He took carpet cleaning classes in Seattle, invested in lots of awesome commercial equipment and contracted with Property Managers.

Here’s Josh’s cell # (206) 371-9632

You’ll notice in ORCA’s 5 star reviews that customers use words like “phenomenal”, “professional”, highly knowledgeable”, “trusted”, “loyal”, “punctual”, “extremely polite”, “courteous”, there’s even an “OMG. This was amazing.”

ORCA provides both Commercial & Residential services. It’s methods of cleaning include hot-water-extraction (steam cleaning), bonnet cleaning and encapsulation Carpet Cleaning as well as Tile & Grout cleaning.

ORCA primarily focuses its business model on the commercial sector.

Commercial Property Managers have been pleasantly surprised at the proficiency of ORCA to qualify and be awarded contracts throughout Seattle and Bellevue for Class A buildings.

There are virtues to contracting with ORCA Group NW.

Ask yourself, what gives you more confidence? An experienced owner who cares about every opportunity his carpet cleaning company is awarded or the employee of a large company who sees himself as “only” a carpet cleaner doing another “job”?

What gives you more security? The awareness that you know and trust the owner and therefore the one who will actually be walking the halls and cleaning inside the offices of your facility or an unknown technician whom you may never have seen or spoken to?

ORCA thinks it’s important for you to know and trust both the one you contract with AND the one doing the work within your facility.

Josh and his wife Joanna visiting La Push.

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Here’s Josh’s cell phone again: (206) 371-9632.

Here’s his email too: joshua@orcagroupnw.com

Now, let’s looks at some Myths & Facts

“Let’s get real about carpet cleaning! I hear so many conflicting assertions! How do I know what to believe?”

So let’s be up-front and dispel a few Myths & Facts about carpet cleaning:

Myth: deionized or super clean water removes all the dirt while the other carpet cleaners just use regular water that leaves dirt behind.

Fact: Don’t buy into this myth. Carpet cleaners who source their water from a sink or hose are using treated, clean and industry approved water. It’s the same water we all use to thoroughly clean our clothes.

Myth: your carpets will stay clean twice as long as our competitors because of the super-clean water we use.

Fact: How dirty or clean a customers carpets remain after the carpet cleaner professionally completes the work does not depend on the water that was used, it depends on how the tenants treat the carpet going forward.

Myth: we can remove any and all stains and odors but our competitors just can’t do it.

Fact: It is just not true that all stains and odors can be removed. Have you ever had a garment become permanently dyed or discolored in the washing machine? Can you remove the stain just by washing it again or using a special cleaning agent? The true answer is: sometimes, but not all the time.  Similarly, carpet fibers can sometimes become permanently stained or discolored.

What about odors? In extreme cases, often due to pet dander, oils, urine and/or hair, a carpet can become so damaged that it is not possible to remove the odor, even with a special treatment, and the carpet and padding will need to be replaced.

Myth: the truck-mount machine we use is super-duper powerful while all the other carpet cleaners use tiny and weak equipment that can’t deliver.

Fact: Any carpet cleaning company who has a truck-mount system mounted within their van has invested in powerful industry approved equipment. Unless they show up with a rented “rug doctor” there’s no reason to be concerned about how powerful their equipment is. Even the least powerful truck-mount equipment on the market delivers more than enough power for professional carpet cleaning.

Myth: we’ll have your carpets dry in hours not days like our competitors.

Fact: Every professional carpet cleaner has the knowledge and equipment to leave the carpets dry within 4 to 8 hours and not days. If the carpets are not dry after 8 hours it is likely because the technician moved too fast and did not take the proper time to extract the water. Commercial encapsulation carpet cleaning should leave carpets completely dry in just 60 minutes.

Myth: only use carpet cleaners that are “certified”, all the rest don’t know what they’re doing.

Fact: While possessing a basic knowledge of chemistry and proper handling of commercial equipment is needed, carpet cleaning is not rocket-science and does not require the kind of certifications one would expect from other industries such as an electrician or plumber. Nevertheless, Josh has taken several carpet cleaning classes and exams and has received “certificates”.

Our 5 Star Google Reviews say it all about Josh, ORCA Group NW and the quality service provided from the most important perspective of all, the customers.

Here are 2 examples:

Commercial Review: “I included Orca Group in an RFP for floor care and they won the contract. We were not sure what to expect with a new vendor but we were pleasantly surprised. Josh brought our restroom floors right back to their original shine. He sent before & after pictures that I was able to forward along to my colleagues. Orca does amazing work. I cant wait to include them in the RFP’s for the rest of my commercial buildings.”

Residential Review: “I reached out to Josh after using another company a few days earlier to clean some stairs. The prior company not only did a bad job cleaning the stairs they also left the carpet with a horrible smell. After explaining the situation to Josh he was able to come by the same day and do a great job cleaning the carpet and removing the smell. Josh was very professional and highly knowledgeable about the type of carpet I had and what the previous company had done wrong. I highly recommend Josh and the ORCA Group Northwest team.”

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  • Cell: (206) 371-9632
  • E-mail: joshua@orcagroupnw.com