WA DSHS English to Spanish Document Translation Certificate

How many carpet cleaners do you know that are also Washington State DSHS Certified for English to Spanish Document Translation?

Josh enjoys languages so he took and passed the DSHS exams for Medical and Social Services Interpreting in addition to Document Translation.

Document translation is the process by which the written source language of an original document is professionally translated into a target written language.

In contrast, interpretation, is spoken and therefore verbally transmitted from one person to the next. 

Our Pledge:

ORCA Group NW abides by a strict code of ethics. All communications and documents are strictly guarded by our code of confidentiality. We practice the simple Golden Rule to “Treat others as you yourself wish to be treated”. The documents that we receive and translate will remain confidential in our care.

Why are we unique?

Just as the English language experiences significant national and regional variances from America to England to Australia, etc., so too does the Spanish language from Mexico to Spain to the Dominican Republic, etc.

ORCA Group NW is unique in that it provides “localized” documentation services. This means that the translation takes into account your target audience. For example: Who will read the document? What is the primary country of origin? Where do the readers of the document live now?

As an example of “localized” translation: if the language of the majority of your target audience is Spanish of Mexico but the individuals are currently living in Washington State then the document translation will reflect the corresponding geocoded vernacular.

What is our process?

We divide document translation into a three tier system.

  1. Tier One is a “General Document”. A document that contains little or no specialized terminology.
  2. Tier Two is a “Semi-Technical Document”. A document that contains some specialized terminology and requires a fair amount of research.
  3. Tier Three is a “Technical Document”. A document that is replete with highly specialized or esoteric terminology and thus requires special expertise and/or painstaking and lengthy research.

Linguistic challenges met comprehensively:

A most common assumption is that all translation is equal. Some might conclude that a strict, word-for-word, interlinear-style translation would produce an accurate final translation, however, no two languages are alike in grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. As professor S.R. Driver wrote, “Languages differ in the manner in which ideas are built up into a sentence.” Different languages require quite different thought patterns. “Consequently, the forms taken by the sentence in different languages are not the same.”

Translation services are essential to helping the global economy go round. Accuracy of document translation is our primary concern. Contact Joshua McKeown of ORCA Group NW to have your document translated.


Prices are provided on a case by case basis as each document and the scope of work is unique. For a free price proposal please follow these two simple steps:

  1. E-mail a copy of the document that you wish to have translated to joshua@orcagroupnw.com
  2. After the document has been reviewed and your expectations are clearly understood we will be able to provide you with a price within 24 hours.

If you have any questions please feel free to call.

e-mail: joshua@orcagroupnw.com | Phone: (206) 371-9632